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Daniel Laux
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Comment from : Daniel Laux

I was lik: OMG he never started a fire with gas before LOL your lucky you didn't bur your eyebrows XD
Comment from : thecrazy8888

BabyGangstaDick DickRydahGangstaCrip
It's crazy how Sand can make you see better
Comment from : BabyGangstaDick DickRydahGangstaCrip

Evin Drews
Forget a telescope, make a camera lens!
Comment from : Evin Drews

Jonathan Morales :3
i has glasses o-o
Comment from : Jonathan Morales :3

NCCT Vlogs
3:06 dog escaped #who let the dogs out
Comment from : NCCT Vlogs

Michael Bristol
Comment from : Michael Bristol

live a day with only things you've made from scratch
Comment from : Zach

ngl pot ash sounds like a drug and the way he made it looked like a meth lab
Comment from : MasterRayYi

Comment from : 이의석

Charlie's Karts
3:00 Jesus Christ you could have died!
Comment from : Charlie's Karts

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi
dr.stone gang
Comment from : Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi

Why don’t you just use plants stem to make the outside length
Comment from : ScrotNimation

Waste of my time..
Comment from : dunamizguitars

Fr33dom YT
Comment from : Fr33dom YT

Cutting a huge tree for glass frame :-)
Comment from : MrSteppenwolf137036

Drew Ski
Good way to pollute the aquifer under you by dumping gas/diesel on a fire. Harming yourself and everyone around you. Good job!
Comment from : Drew Ski

Chaos: International
I need a pair of sunglasses to make it
Comment from : Chaos: International

oh dear, you chopped down an entire tree for just the frame?
Comment from : Jeevani

Jeff Bechtel
Very good video, the other channels referenced here are on my 'next to' list, lots of great and well appreciated content, and entertaining to boot!
Comment from : Jeff Bechtel

Damn it Senku should’ve been reading instead of experimenting..
Comment from : Xre99

To make DIY glasses (that don't work) from scratch you need:
1 A large selection of expensive power tools;
2 A laser;
3 Some sand;
4 Some dirty wood ash;
5 A kiln;
6 Large amounts of electricity;
7 A whole tree.
All the above items will be readily available after the Apocalypse.

Comment from : DrQuadrivium

Anders Henriksen
Next video: Making a telescope like Galileo
Comment from : Anders Henriksen

very gay
am i the only one that thinks eyeglasses sounds really weird? like, i’m so used to hearing glasses and not eyeglasses.
Comment from : very gay

Walker Jennings
I just lie to people, "oh wow look at that "all i have to do is agree with them ...
Comment from : Walker Jennings

Grega Apat
Man this is awesome!!!
Comment from : Grega Apat

This reminds me of that Dr. Stone episode
Comment from : Thegrimmeater

oliver kreminski
Why did you have to waste a whole tree
Comment from : oliver kreminski

master shooter64
nice laser goggles
Comment from : master shooter64

Jaydev Singh
so you cut down a whole tree to make a glass? noice
Comment from : Jaydev Singh

TK's 3D Prints
OMG i was watching you pour fuel over the wood thinking OMG way to much then poof you set fire to it. i have to say the dogs reaction and the look it gave you was classic. must be a british thing coz i have not giggled so much for a while. awesome video. keep safe. :)
Comment from : TK's 3D Prints

im alover
Girl on commercial has a high pitched voice it's irritating so don't by Colgate toothpaste. Now back to regular comment's.
Comment from : im alover

Sebastian Larsen
Fun fact: you didn’t search for this
Comment from : Sebastian Larsen

Flor Arenales
😄 that's awesome
Comment from : Flor Arenales

Don Decker
Comment from : Don Decker

Christian Wisdom
Did you build all the machines from scratch too? Wow!
Comment from : Christian Wisdom

That was F--ING FUNNY when igniting the wood, poor dog ,scared the s-- out of him...LOL.
Comment from : 68GOOZIE

ruz Manalac
I feel like i watch too much dr stone
Comment from : ruz Manalac

Brandon Donnelly
Is it cheating that he used his glasses to make glasses
Comment from : Brandon Donnelly

Jeff Apple
Just watch Dr Stone
Comment from : Jeff Apple

Spirit CrossWind
You scared the shit out of that dog when you light that fire. 🐕🔥
Comment from : Spirit CrossWind

cuts down a very much larger than necessary tree to make 1 pair of glasses
Comment from : snark

Gilmore Baire, Boyd Tyler Odell Baire Gilmore
Comment from : Gilmore Baire, Boyd Tyler Odell Baire Gilmore

Gilmore Baire, Boyd Tyler Odell Baire Gilmore
Comment from : Gilmore Baire, Boyd Tyler Odell Baire Gilmore

muhammad usman Ghani
Comment from : muhammad usman Ghani

aiyanna peoples
The dog booked it lmaooo
Comment from : aiyanna peoples

Sum Ting Wong
It completely defeats the purpose of seeing if you can make it yourself with raw materials under the pretense of 'assuming you were stuck in the wild' if you then use sophisticated high end production equipment and machinery to do it all.
Comment from : Sum Ting Wong

How to make every illegal drug from scratch
Comment from : gnome

See his previous video on "How to make a laser before you can make glasses from scratch"
Comment from : Inventamus

That glass needs to remain molten for weeks..
Borax should be used as the flux..

Comment from : P3nguinDarknes5

Dynasty UK Entertainment
Glad you Americans call them Eye Glasses, I often get confused with my Elbow Glasses. Very embarassing!
Comment from : Dynasty UK Entertainment

Hannah bananananana
thoroughly enjoyed this high quality content, good job sir
Comment from : Hannah bananananana

Instead of making my own glasses i'll just go to LensCrafters !
Comment from : davecar5860

Watching him douse his small firepit with a crap tonne of gasoline...

Edit: It was "explosive" cause of the fumes generated by the gas as it evaporates.
It's the main reason why a tank of gas is more explosive when there's more vapor than liquid.

Comment from : Owlski

Sébas Larocque
At 3:03 you can hear the dog say '' It's the last time I trust you'' while running through the gate like a train.
Comment from : Sébas Larocque

You look like Garret
Comment from : JustAnother1

Rik DeBacco
Comment from : Rik DeBacco

Christof Allen
...maybe a part 2?
Comment from : Christof Allen

Hosuh Kim
Comment from : Hosuh Kim

Put frames on magnifying glasses done
Comment from : JCeverything

moonlight _
this man is modern ishigami senku
Comment from : moonlight _

Send Nukes
Warning: good boi alert at 2:32
Comment from : Send Nukes

Yu Alden
3:03 i feel bad for his dog :(
Comment from : Yu Alden

Evelyn Venus
Cheat the overpriced glasses industry and make your own
Comment from : Evelyn Venus

General Toaster
Did he add lead
Comment from : General Toaster

Dr. Stone did this in a couple of weeks.
Comment from : Lhoki

Daulton Gunnell
@ Dr. Stone
Comment from : Daulton Gunnell

Jason Merth
The #1 problem you had is that lenses aren’t really made out of glass anymore .
Comment from : Jason Merth

SMTT // SMTT Gaming
20 is my focal length I expect mine in 3 weeks
Comment from : SMTT // SMTT Gaming

Karen O
WHERE'S Your Dog . . now?
Comment from : Karen O

Dominique M
You look like Chris Hayes (journalist; MSNBC). You even sound like him. I don’t often watch his show, as I favor PBS and NPR, but you really do look quite a bit like him. It’s uncanny.
Comment from : Dominique M

3:03 I feel sorry for that dog :/
Comment from : LemonBard53723

Comment from : GassedGaming

such an inspiring video.....thnx for sharing
Comment from : SUMAIA KULTHUM

Vince Vuitton
Comment from : Vince Vuitton

Viewer: “What was the hardest part of the process?”
Him: “Setting up the interview”

Comment from : Shahvez

Martin Kelly
You just microwave wood that is something that I thought I would never have to type
Comment from : Martin Kelly

Comment from : SleepyAnti夢

Alan Bobs
Comment from : Alan Bobs

Tarman The Champion
8:02 woahh your dog is soo hairy!
Comment from : Tarman The Champion

I watched this not knowing what to expect, I don't even wear prescription glasses. These days lenses are made of plastic, but making plastic good enough to make lenses is quite challenging. Talking only about sunglasses, I can say, that no matter how far have they reached with plastic lenses, I have one pair of glass lenses sunglasses, and the image is much crisper than all my other plastic glasses. So glass rules but it breaks easily, and it's heavier than plastic. But it's easier to scratch plastic but more difficult to do that with glass.
Comment from : libertango

Zoes Dada
This should be......funny
Comment from : Zoes Dada

Great Video Fantastic concept . Please answer this question. If you still have electric is there not also a way to find the glass in already existing forms also what about clear plastic?
Comment from : stormchilde

Billy East
The Continent.... Try USA.
Comment from : Billy East

Eugene S
Pretty much all lenses are made of plastic these days, typically polycarbonate.
Comment from : Eugene S

David Restrepo
4:34 is that a tortilla!.
Comment from : David Restrepo

Hugh Jantic-Pantz
you got close, use silica used in a sandblaster
Comment from : Hugh Jantic-Pantz

Julio Csar
2019, Dr Stone, anyone? xD haha🖖
Comment from : Julio Csar

He made a spectacle of himself
Comment from : alaskanalain

I think I would have started with quartz which is one of the 2 solutions they came up with in the ancient world. I believe the second was glass containers filled with water which sounds like a DIY nightmare.
Comment from : diGritz1

Redpanda Super
I have the same mircrowave as him 😂😂
Comment from : Redpanda Super

fgfgfgf drtduud
You probably just need to re-melt the glass.
Comment from : fgfgfgf drtduud

fgfgfgf drtduud
You can make frames from metal wire, it's how it used to be done 100 years ago.
Comment from : fgfgfgf drtduud

The Sqoou
3:02 That scared the dog too !
Comment from : The Sqoou

Blasy Craft
Dedication 👏🏼👏🏼
Comment from : Blasy Craft

Harlequin Cadavero
Let's gooo, Dr. Stone!
Comment from : Harlequin Cadavero

Welll Helllooo thereee
The dog was so scared, .... 😞
Comment from : Welll Helllooo thereee

Mark James
haha that dog was outta there
Comment from : Mark James

Did you watch Dr. Stone anime
Comment from : SREE RAM

Monel Funkawitz
Scared the shit out of your dog with the gasoline there, minecraft steve.
Comment from : Monel Funkawitz

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